3 Types of Summer Canadian Programmes For Kids

When school is out, many students offer a huge sigh of relief. They are no longer required to sit in class, do homework, and participate in testing. But what will fill up all of that extra free time that is all of a sudden available to them? Many kids assume that they will park themselves in front of an electronic device and ride out the next couple of months tucked away inside their homes. But parents know that this is a recipe for disaster. Here are three types of Canadian programmes that are worth checking into.

Personal Development

All kids have varied interests. Some enjoy sports and are happy to work on their skills continuously in their free time. Others have a real interest in art and what to learn more about differnt mediums. Still others may be interested in academics and moving forward with learning. Each of these kids can benefit from a personal development program. Kids can choose something they are interested in and spend time working towards improvement. As an added bonus, they are often surrounded by other kids with similar interests, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Team Building

Sometimes kids are more interested in team sports of activities. It could be a survival camp that requires that all participants count on each other to successfully complete tasks. It could be team sports. It could even be activities requiring a small group of kids to work together to create something new. These programs are beneficial in multiple ways. They allow kids to work on their own personal skills while also learning a lot about what it takes to work with others. Just like personal development programs and camps, there are team programs that focus on a wide variety of interests.

Experiential Learning

Sometimes, the best way to learn something new is to get right in the middle of it and try it out. Programs that focus on experiential learning provide kids with an opportunity to explore something they are interested in by gaining experience with different activities, scenarios, or locations. Kids are encouraged to try new things and even to make mistakes as there is a lesson to be learned there.

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